Jay’s Legacy Home Care is dedicated to providing quality home care services. Check out the following testimonials from our clients to see what our clients are saying about our services.

Denise Testimonial

In November, I brought in Jay's Legacy Home Care to spend time with my mom (who has dementia). All the people who come to spend time with my mom are wonderful. Each person brings something different and exciting when they come. My mom gets very excited when the people from Jay's Legacy come. The people at Jay's Legacy keep my mom busy and active. They find things that make her think. I am very happy with Jay's Legacy. They really care about their clients.

- Denise

Scott Mertens Testimonial

"I have found Renee and her staff are efficient, professional and most importantly very compassionate.They took over many aspects of my mother’s care with ease. Their abilities certainly reduced the stress of finding qualified care during a difficult time. Excellent job Renee. Thank you"

- Scott Mertens 12/15/2020

Jean H. Testimonial

“I have received phone calls from other home agencies and with this being our first time doing something like this we have no plans on changing. Jay’s Legacy Home Care has brought more of a safety feeling around our home with leaving my husband when I leave. I found out that we can have fun and play games now once a night and he is very competitive! Jay’s Legacy caregivers that have come have been joking around with Earl and I have been able to go out get errands done, even went out to lunch with friends for the first time since March. Years ago we would not have been able to do much together due to conflicting schedules, now the staff are helping with daily exercises and we have more free time to spend together in the evenings."

- Jean H 10/26/2020

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