Carla K Testimonial

I am the primary and only caregiver for my elderly husband. Due to a head injury almost 3 years ago and rapid progression of his Parkinson’s disease he cannot be left alone.

He uses a walker and requires much help with his walking. His brain injury causes him to have poor judgement regarding his physical capabilities. His short term memory is poor and is sometimes confused.

He is a kind and loving man who has always helped others. Being the only caregiver is physically and emotionally exhausting. Family and friends encouraged me to seek respite care. But, I know him, and am very protective of him, his needs, desires, likes and dislikes so how could I turn over his care, even for a few hours to a stranger? It took me 2 years to seek respite for myself.

I participate in a virtual support group for care givers through the Manitowoc County Aging and Disability Resource Center which is a priceless service! I learned of Jay’s Legacy from another caregiver. She spoke so highly of the care they gave to her mother. I called Jay’s Legacy and the rest is history. They are compassionate and accommodating. The lady who comes twice weekly almost feels like a long time friend and I know she has my husband’s best interest in mind. I am very satisfied and highly recommend Jay’s Legacy Home Care.

– Carla K 7/28/2021