Category: Testimonial

George and Lois Witting Testimonial

Dear Renee and staff, George and I would like to thank all of you.. Renee, Shelley, Robin, Krystal, Kerry and Eric.. for all your support and kindness during our time with you.Renee, you have a wonderful staff of people and we sure enjoyed their time with us.I would definitely recommend your agency to anyone and […]

Kathy Testimonial

My husband and I were looking for someone to assist my mom and dad with bathing and making a meal and just giving us a break. Renee was very nice helping us out with this. The gals that come are very caring and my parents enjoy the company because they are homebound.  – Kathy 9/7/2021

Don K. Testimonial

My wife has Parkinson’s. I was afraid to leave Ellen home alone, but Jay’s Legacy has helped me to be able to leave home and not worry. My wife looks forward to her caregiver coming over, especially Marge. She takes her out for lunch and rides. She is a very special person. Thank you Marge, […]

Carla K Testimonial

I am the primary and only caregiver for my elderly husband. Due to a head injury almost 3 years ago and rapid progression of his Parkinson’s disease he cannot be left alone. He uses a walker and requires much help with his walking. His brain injury causes him to have poor judgement regarding his physical […]

Marietta J Testimonial

“Before I left for Florida, I wanted to make sure my sister had help with her housework and also had someone checking on her a couple of times a month. I contacted Renee and Jay’s Legacy has been able to do both. This really eased my mind.” – Marietta J 4/27/2021

Judy E. Testimonial

“After some health setbacks in 2020, I found it difficult to change my sheets and do some of my housework.  I relied on family to help, but that interfered with our time to do things together.  Renee helped find the perfect match for me. Amanda helps for two hours every other week and I maintain […]

Denise Testimonial

In November, I brought in Jay’s Legacy Home Care to spend time with my mom (who has dementia). All the people who come to spend time with my mom are wonderful. Each person brings something different and exciting when they come. My mom gets very excited when the people from Jay’s Legacy come. The people […]

Scott Mertens Testimonial

“I have found Renee and her staff are efficient, professional and most importantly very compassionate.They took over many aspects of my mother’s care with ease. Their abilities certainly reduced the stress of finding qualified care during a difficult time. Excellent job Renee. Thank you” – Scott Mertens 12/15/2020

Jean H. Testimonial

“I have received phone calls from other home agencies and with this being our first time doing something like this we have no plans on changing. Jay’s Legacy Home Care has brought more of a safety feeling around our home with leaving my husband when I leave. I found out that we can have fun […]